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Lent, Revisited

Lent, Again It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. I’ve been busy on other sites and with work but recently came across the files for my first book, Spiritual Response. I’m going to be re-releasing it, along with new material, sometime this year. In the meantime, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. The beginning of …

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A Bird Takes Flight

A Bird Takes Flight Saturday, August 17th, was Move In day at UCF. It was a day for the bird, Chimmy to his friends, to take flight. To leave the nest. To strike out on his own, at least somewhat. (Until you’re paying for everything, you’re not really on your own.) As we crossed the …

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Lent and other musings

I am posting daily thoughts during Lent, actually following the reflections ebook I wrote (is that called ‘practice what you preach?’) on the spiritual response site. This has been a big help to me! (So I am actually doing something.) I just completed episode 6 in The Cord Wheaton Saga – check it out on …

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Revisions, revisions

Greetings to the new year! (Do I really post that infrequently?) Well, what a busy end of last year I had, publishing 4 zombie e-stories under my pen name, J Gerard Michaels, publishing an ebook and paperback of reflections for this year (liturgically speaking) as a follow-up to my Spiritual Response book, and helping a …

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Workshops and conferences

I’ve always advocated attending workshops and conferences, especially for the up-and-coming writer, one who’s still honing their craft. But, as Jeff Strand noted when talking to our local FWA chapter, it’s also good for another reason, even for a seasoned writer. It’s about meeting people. Just as in most businesses, it’s not what you know, …

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