Revisions, revisions

Greetings to the new year! (Do I really post that infrequently?) Well, what a busy end of last year I had, publishing 4 zombie e-stories under my pen name, J Gerard Michaels, publishing an ebook and paperback of reflections for this year (liturgically speaking) as a follow-up to my Spiritual Response book, and helping a …

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Workshops and conferences

I’ve always advocated attending workshops and conferences, especially for the up-and-coming writer, one who’s still honing their craft. But, as Jeff Strand noted when talking to our local FWA chapter, it’s also good for another reason, even for a seasoned writer. It’s about meeting people. Just as in most businesses, it’s not what you know, …

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Goings On

Just a quick update. Funny how when things get busy what’s the first area to be neglected? Your blog! (Or in this case, my blog!) Presented to PINAWOR today on ebook publishing. A great group and a good time. I enjoyed listening to them reading prior to my presentation and breaking bread afterward. Now it’s …

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