Novel Survey

Yes, I’m taking a survey as I prepare for the 3rd revision, hoping to tighten things up and make them more exciting. Here’s a quick synopsis of the story:

Four teens in the future graduate from high school – becoming adults, with their future planned out for them. World resources are managed through the Global Trade Balancing League – a league where the games are war games. (In the previous revision I had called it the Global War League. Let me know if you like the new name.)

Our hero is a happy-go-lucky, smart, peaceful guy who expects life to work out the way it should, with everything going his way.

The four teens are:

1. Our hero – Jesse

2. His girlfriend – Tara

3. His best friend – Lane

4. Tara’s best friend – Shalise

I’m looking for input on the concept and what themes to emphasize.
In this survey, rank the importance from low to high:
1=I’d never even pick up the book
10=Wow, this is the greatest book I’ve ever read!


No such quiz/survey/poll