New year – new activity

Hi everyone!
Just want to welcome you, late, to the new year and point you to some activity on my book site, You can also get there through the publishing credits page, but I thought this would be easier. Last year I added a few more publishing credits, having fun with zombie stories and other short stories.

On the book site I will be blogging every day of Lent, and including downloads of the reflections I send out to my mailing list. If you sign up, you’ll also get onto the mailing list if you’d like to continue to receive them. I’ve been writing them for almost 5 years, and my plan is to complete next year (year C of the three year cycle), put out a revised ebook of what I consider the best from the two cycles, and retire from writing them.

I came across several articles by Einstein that have tweaked my curiosity and am considering them (on science and religion) during this Lent. I hope you can join me!

2 thoughts on “New year – new activity”

  1. Hi, John,
    I’m interested in attending the St. Pete FWA critique group. Do I just show up, or is there a procedure. I’d like to sit in as an observer to get a feel for what’s going on. Is that okay? Can you tell me anything about the protocol?
    Mike Miller

    1. Mike,
      The main meetings are always open to the public and can give you a good idea of the members. Second Thursday of every month, check out their website as to meeting details here.

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