Revisions, revisions

Greetings to the new year! (Do I really post that infrequently?)

Well, what a busy end of last year I had, publishing 4 zombie e-stories under my pen name, J Gerard Michaels, publishing an ebook and paperback of reflections for this year (liturgically speaking) as a follow-up to my Spiritual Response book, and helping a friend publish their memoir.

So now I’m in the publishing business, (I was, but only for myself, previously), for both ebook and paperback print on demand.

This year I am working on the next revision to my first novel, and have enlisted the help of Larry Brooks. I’ve followed his blog almost from the beginning, and have found his knowledge to be invaluable in my quest to become a better writer. My reviewers should get a copy by the end of April, I hope!\

I’ve stepped down from leading the local writers group, a position I enjoyed immensely but to which I could not give adequate time. I met so many wonderful people on both sides: the aspiring authors, and the published ones, agents, editors, and publishers. For anyone serious about the business, this type of position, especially if you are just starting out, is a tremendous foot-in-the-door opportunity.